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Herb and Wax Vaporizers

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Herb and wax vaporizers are innovative devices that use specially designed clearomizers to accommodate alternatives to the e liquid used in electronic cigarettes. There are some slight differences in the design of these unique vaporizers that make them stand out from other clearomizers on the market.

Wax vaporizers require a clearomizer that has a coil with a wick in the bottom for the wax or oil substance to absorb into. When concentrates are heated, they liquefy and the wick transfers it to the coil in a controlled manner. Once it reaches the coil, the wax or oil is heated and transformed into a vapour.

Herb vaporizers require a clearomizer without a wick. The herb will be in direct contact with the coil and will then be dried up and dehydrated into a vapour for the user. Like all other e cigs, there is no combustion at all. Think of it more as a convection oven with a temperature set anywhere from 200 degrees up to 428 degrees fahrenheit.

Herb and wax vaporizers are incredible alternatives to traditional forms of smoking and can best be investigated by visiting the most reputable vape shop in Canada. Their expert staff will happily guide you to the right electronic smoking device to suit your personal needs and tastes.
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Herb and wax vaporizers are extraordinary alternatives to traditional forms of smoking. They have been designed specifically to use substances other than the eliquids used in standard electronic smoking devices in order to give users a wider range of use.


The clearomizers used in herb vaporizers are designed such that the herb is in direct contact with the coil. It’s then heated to between 200 degrees and 428 degrees. The process results in an herb that hasn’t been burned. Since there is no combustion involved, no tar is created, and the resulting vapour is free from carcinogens. The Titan 2 Portable Vaporizer is an ideal model for new and experienced vapers alike. The easy to fill chamber and replaceable mesh filter make operation simple to use straight from the box.


These differ from the herb clearomizers in that they have a wick. The wick draws the wax or oil to the coil of the electronic smoking device and vapour is produced. Among the most popular models for wax vaporizers is the Cloutank M2 Clearomizer. The unique glue-free design makes maintenance simple, and wax can be dabbed into the reservoir without opening the chamber itself.
Finding these and other great herb and wax vaporizers is as simple as visiting the best vape shop in Canada. You’ll be amazed by the selection of world class products available and the incredibly knowledgeable staff. They’ll be happy to guide you to the best vaporizer for your personal needs, by providing great insight of each unit and how they will suit your vaping needs. Contact the best today and make the smart switch to the cleanest alternative to smoking in the market.
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